ProTek-projects 2011 – 2013

The project complex consists of two EU-funded process industry projects in Kymenlaakso that go hand in hand

In the ESR/KASELY-funded ProTeK2000 project, the cooperation forum PROSTEK in the automation and process industry will be established and established in Kymenlaakso, the aim of which is to increase cooperation between companies and secondary vocational schools for the development of education

In the Pro-TeK3000 project funded by the ERDF/Kymenlaakso union, a new learning environment and educational services will be created for Ekami in Kotka and Hamina, using the needs mapping done in the ProTeK2000 project

To Whom

For organisations in process field (existing and new ones), interest groups and personnel in secondary vocational institutions


To improve and heighten the availability and competence of organisations’ educated work force, and, in addition, develop foresight and demand outset of secondary vocational institutions’ education


Collaboration forum between automation and process field organisations and secondary vocational institutions is founded in Kymenlaakso

Survey of the present state of education and future’s competence and developmental needs in cooperation with organisations in the field with the help of C&Q-competence survey

Based on competence and training needs, flexible training services suitable for companies, those who intend to become entrepreneurs and the unemployed in the field are developed


PROSTEK-collaboration forum will convene during every spring and autumn.
You are welcome to participate and contribute!

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